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Tinospora cordifolia

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Test System Normal
Type of assay
Mice in vivo
Swiss albino mice macrophage and spleen(splenocytes) detemination of spleen size, weight, macrophage function assay, DNA fragmentation and apoptosis assay, splenocyte count and proliferation assay[1]
Swiss albino female mice ovary Follicle cell counts[2]
Swiss albino male mice blood serum determination of level of proteins, cholesterol and LPO[3]
Swiss albino male mice spleen and bone marrow micronucleus assay, CFU assay, survival, total leucocyte count[4]
female Swiss albino mice bearing Ehrlich ascites carcinoma determination of Mean survival time and average survival time, biochemical analysis[5]
male Swiss albino mice testicular tissue Determination of body weight, testes- body weight ratio, Testicular Histopathology[6]
male Swiss albino mice liver lipid peroxidation assay, biochemical analysis[7]
Swiss albino mice liver, spleen lipid peroxidation assay, Glutathione assay, Endogenous spleen colony forming unit (CFU) Assay:[8]
mice in vivo small intestine lipid peroxidation assay, thiols and SOD Assay[9]
Swiss albino mice intestine mitotic index and crypt of villi count, histopathology, determination of hematological parameters[10]
Swiss albino mice survival assay[11]
Wistar albino mice Micronucleus assay, Endogenous spleen colony forming unit assay and hematological parameters determination[14]
Swiss albino mice testis histology and biochemical parameter analysis[15]
In vitro study
HeLa cells clonogenic assay[12]
HeLa S3 cells Pratt and Willis assay and clonogenic assay[13]
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