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Syzygium cumini

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Test System Normal
Type of assay
Mice in vivo
Male Swiss albino mice Survival (LD50/30) assay[1]
Male Swiss albino mice Splenocytes(spleen), brain homogenate Micronucleus assay, TBARS assay[2]
Male Swiss albino mice analysis of 30-day survival[3]
Male Swiss albino mice small intestine histological study, determination of crypt number and villus height and length[4]
Swiss albino mice liver, spleen, intestine, fibrosarcoma Analysis of biochemical parameters, LPO assay[5]
In vitro study
human in vitro peripheral blood lymphocytes micronucleus assay[6]
mice in vitro peripheral blood leucocytes alkaline comet assay[5]
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