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Rubia cordifolia

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Test System Normal
Type of assay
mice in vivo
Male Swiss Albino mice spleen and bone marrow alkaline comet assay[1]
Percentage survival determination[1]
liver, bone marrow erythrocytes, hematopoietic stem cells TBARS assay, micronucleus assay, endogenous colony forming units assay[2]
In vitro study
plasmid pBR322 Calculation of Dose Modification Factor[1]
Swiss albino mouse in vitro Splenocyte and thymocyte trypan blue dye exclusion method[1]
human ex vivo peripheral leucocytes comet assay[1]
plasmid pBR322 single strand breaks determination[3]
Rat in vitro liver mitochondria biochemical analysis[3]
1. Chapter 5 : Radioprotective, nephoprotective and anti-inflammatory activities of the plant Rubia cordifolia Linn. ; In : Modification of cellular radiosensitivity by phytoceuticals and herbal extracts: Mechanisms and relevance, a thesis by Joy J, Guide : Nair CKK, submitted to Mahatma Gandhi University, Amala Cancer Research Center, India, 2014.
2. Tripathi YB, Singh AV, Role of Rubia cordifolia Linn. in radiation protection. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 2007; 45(7):620-625.
3. Kamat JP, Mishra, KP, Radioprotection by Rubia cordifolia: studies on mitochondrial membranes. Sixteenth annual conference of Indian Nuclear Society: science behind nuclear technology. Mumbai (India)Íž 15-18 Nov 2005.