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Nigella sativa

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Test System Normal
Type of assay
Mice in vivo
Swiss albino mice free radical scavenging activity assay, LD50/30 assay[1]
Swiss female mice spleen, liver, bone marrow micronuclei assay, antioxidative enzyme assays, comet assay, TBARS assay[2]
female Swiss albino mice liver, spleen, intestines and brain, blood leukocytes TBARS assay, alkaline comet assay, antioxidative enzyme assay[3]
female Swiss albino mice bearing fibrosarcoma
rats in vivo
Sprague-Dawley rats tongue measurement of TAS and TOS, OSI, LOOH and -SH levels[4]
Sprague-Dawley rats lens biochemical analysis[5]
albino rats liver, kidney ultrastructure study[6]
male albino Wistar rats brain Nitric oxide synthase activity assay[7]
male Wistar albino rats spleen and thymus lymphoid follicles protein estimation, TBARS assay, histological study, leukocyte count, LD50/30 assay[8]
male Wistar albino rats peripheral blood lymphocytes ANAE staining, TBARS assay, determination of level nonenzymatic antioxidant markers[9]
Sprague-Dawley rats liver Measurement of TAS-TOS, -SH, and LOOH Levels and Calculation of OSI, enzyme assay[10]
Sprague-Dawley rats lens Chylack' cataract classification, enzyme assay[11]
male rats T lymphocytes,thymus TBARS assay, lipid profile analysis, flow cytometric analysis, apoptosis assay, histological study[12]
male CF rats intestine TBARS assay, antioxidative enzyme assay, intestinal morphological study[13]
In vitro study
mice ex vivo splenic lymphocytes TBARS assay, comet assay[2]
Plasmid pBR322 DNA Gel electrophoresis(plasmid relaxation study)[2]
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