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Nelumbo nucifera

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Acute toxicity of hydroalcoholic seed extract was evaluated in Swiss Albino mice, no signs of toxicity were observed up to the oral dose of 1,000 mg/kg body weight.[1]
Effect on
JKTM-12 (composed of the flowers, roots, seeds, and receptacles of Nelumbo nucifera) inhibited melanin biosynthesis in alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone-stimulated B16F10 melanoma cells in vitro[2]
or Carcinogen-
icity Data:
Antimutagenicity of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. was demonstrated in Ames test[3]
Fertility: When 50% ethanolic extract of seeds was administered orally to male rats at the dose levels of 50, 100 and 200 mg/rat per day for 60 days, the weights of reproductive organs decreased significantly after this treatment. Significant suppression of cauda epididymal sperm count and motility was observed. Fertility was decreased, testosterone level of serum was declined significantly. The concentration of testicular cholesterol was significantly elevated, whereas protein, sialic acid, glycogen and fructose content were reduced significantly. It is concluded that treatment with ethanolic seed extract has an antispermatogenic effect in male rats.[4]
Ethanolic extract at dose of 800mg/kg b.wt., orally in female ealbino rats, brought about a significant decline in the weight of Ovary, uterus, vagina as well as protein and glycogen level, however cholesterol level increased significantly. The diestrous phase of the estrous cycle was found to be prolonged.[5]
Breast Feeding:
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