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Bioinformatics Database on
"Radiosensitisers and Radioprotectors"

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            Radiotherapy, besides surgery, is being considered one of the most important therapeutic modality for the treatment of malignant tumors and it is undergoing rapid advancements in the recent times. Radiosensitizers and radioprotectors are plays an important role in course of radiation therapy. Radiosensitizing are the compounds that enhance the effect of ionizing radiation in tumor cells where as radioprotective compounds that reduce the damage / protect of normal tissues from radiation.
            The nature of interaction of radiosensitizers and radioprotectors are different with physiological characteristics of cells and type of cellular materials. For example, hypoxia associated tumours exhibit radioresistance, electron-affinic chemicals that react with DNA free radicals have a potential for to combat hypoxia associated radioresistance.
            The present bioinformatics database identified number of radiomodifiers (approximately 100) which have been systematically presented. The database provide the detailed information of the radiomodifiers pertaining to general features of the drugs, its targets, clinical study, pharmacological aspects, test system etc. All the information is collected from reputed research journals and books. Bioinformatics database can search only by individual loging.

Principal Investigator Research Scholar Financial Support
Dr Prabhakar Dongre,
Prof & Head,
Department of Biophysics
Ms Amruta Joshi DAE, BRNS Govt of India
(Project sanction letter No: 2009/37/56/brns/3303; dated 4/3/2010)

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