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Name: Mentat
Synonyms: BR-16A, Mind-care[1]
Trade name: Mentat®(Himalaya Drug Co., India)[2]
Composition: Bacopa monnieri,
Centella asiatica,
Withania somnifera,
Evolvulus alsinoides,
Nardostachys jatamansi,
Valeriana wallichii,
Embelia ribes,
Prunus amygadalus,
Acorus calamus,
Tinospora cordifolia,
Terminalia chebula,
Embilica officinalis,
Celastrus paniculatus,
Orchis mascula,
Mucuna pruriens,
Elettaria pruriens,
Terminalia arjuna,
Foeniculum vulgare,
Ipomoea digitata,
Zingiber officinale,
Terminalia belerica,
Myristica fragrans,
Syzygium aromaticum,
Mukta pishti[3]
Chemical Nature:
& Indications:
Pharmcological Action-
Nootropic in mice[4]
Antianxiolytic and antidepressant in rats[5]
Therapeutic indications-
Preclinical study-
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