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Liv. 52

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Name: Liv. 52
Trade name: Liv. 52® (Himalayan Drug Company)[1],[2]
Composition: Capparis spinosa,
Cichorium intybus,
Solanum nigrum,
Terminalia arjuna,
Cassia occidentalis,
Achillea millefolium,
Tamarix gallica,
Mandur Bhasma[3]
Chemical Nature:
& Indications:
Pharmcological Action-
hepatoprotective in rats[4],[5]
Therapeutic indications-
Protects liver from various hepatotoxins, promotes appetite[3],[2]
Preclinical study-
Liv.52 tablets and drops are found to be highly effective in the treatment of short- and long-duration anorexia of various etiologies in children[6]
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