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Dieckol & Eckol

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Name: Dieckol & Eckol
Generic name:
IUPAC name:
Trade name: Seanol® is a polyphenol extract derived from a brown alga, Ecklonia cava, consists of phlorotannins including eckol and dieckol.[1]
Source: Eckol is a component of brown seaweed Ecklonia cava[2]
Dieckol can be isolated from the brown alga Eisenia bicyclis[3]
Structure: Dieckol :
Eckol :
Chemical Nature: both eckol and dieckol are brown algal phlorotannins[8],[9]
Eckol has dibenzo-1,4-dioxin skeleton[10]
The intrinsic stability of phenolic structures is suggested to be related to antioxidative activity of eckol[11]
& Indications:
Pharmcological Action-
Antithrombotic and profibrinolytic activity is possessed by both eckol and dieckol[12]
Dieckol is antidiabeti in diabetic mouse model[13]
Preclinical study-
Diekol is shown to stimulate hair growth in a animal model[14]
In a clinical study, efficacy of dieckol in treatment of diabetes is demonstrated[15]
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