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Rubia cordifolia

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Action of Extract: root extract is suggested to protect against radiation-induced gastrointestinal death[1]
Action on cell cycle:
Target: Nucleic Acid
Hydroalcoholic root extract inhibited radiation-induced DNA damage in mice[2]
Alcoholic root extract inhibited radiation-induced lipid peroxidation in mice liver[1]
Mechanism: Rubiadin, a dihydroxy anthraquinone, isolated from alcoholic extract of Rubia cordifolia, possesses potent antioxidant property[3]
Rubia cordifolia showed strong free radical scavenging properties against reactive oxygen(superoxide anion , hydroxyl radicals) and nitrogen species(nitric oxide radical, peroxynitrite anion) in rat hippocampal slices.[4]
The in vivo protection by root extract extract, against radiation-induced cytogenetic damages is suggested to be because of its free radical scavenging potential.[1],[5]
Another possible mechanism involved in radioprotection by root extract is believed to be through hemopoiesis. it is suggested that root extract could enhance the post radiation repair process. It may also be inhibiting the irradiation induced cell apoptosis. The possible proposed pathways behind radioprotective effect of extract could be attributed to its antioxidant, metal chelation and anti-inflammatory pathways.[1]
Rubia cordifolia is shown to inhibit lipoxygenases, which could also be contributing to its radioprotective ability[1]
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