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Effective dose
Mode and form of
oral and IV[2]
Time of
before irradiation[3],[4]
concurrent with irradiation[5],[6]
Side Effects: oral mucositis is often the limiting side effect of Methotrexate administration.[7]
Combined action
with other drugs
Co-administration of methotrexate, paclitaxel, or doxorubicin enhanced the cytotoxicity of 111In-NLS-trastuzumab toward human breast cancer 231-H2N and TrR1 cells n vitro.[5]
Toxicity was increased when Misonidazole or Metronidazole were combined with Methotrexate in C3H male mice.[8]
prior administration of Folic acid and post-treatment with Folinic acid reduces the germ cell toxicity induced by Methotrexate in mice.[9]
Precautions &
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