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Tinospora cordifolia

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radiotherapy combined with Tinospora cordifolia trials
Study Patients Course of irradiation Tinospora cordifolia treatment Toxicity DLT Findings of study Reference
double blind randomized controlled trial patients with head and neck cancer
Radiotherapy with Co-60 of 4000 rads 20 gm of T. cordifolia stem powder along with honey, orally, 15 days prior to irradiation and continued till the completion of radiotherapy Radiotherapy for a total of 8 weeks showed substantial improvement of whole stimulated saliva and decrease in the severity of mucositis as per WHO grading. [1]
1. Amruthesh S et al, Evaluation of radioprotective effects of Tinospora cordifolia in patients on radiotherapy for squamous cell carcinoma of the Head & neck- A pilot study. International Journal of Contemporary Dentistry. 2010;1(1):24-30.